Episode 11 – Christopher Sutton: Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You

Are you musically inclined? Can you carry a tune? Do you believe that you have to have a “gift,” a “talent,” or an innate ability to create and produce beautiful sounding music? Our guest on today’s show, Christopher Sutton, founder of Musical U and Easy Ear Training used to ride on the bandwagon of people who believed that having musical talent was something someone was born with.

Growing up, Christopher has always had a passion for music. He played several instruments, and although his peers would say that he was a talented musician he didn’t feel like one. That was, at least, until he learned about ear training and found the missing link that his music was lacking.

Today,Christopher shares his story about his journey through filling in the missing piece in his musical background, what ear training is, how it works, and why different techniques and strategies are used for someone wanting to play a guitar better versus someone that wants to improve their singing.

Christopher also explains how Musical U helps people shatter their internal belief that they are tone deaf, build the confidence they need to compose beautiful music, and tells us how his strategies for helping beginner music lovers differ from someone with more advanced skills. He even provides me with some helpful tips on improving my own singing talent!

And, don’t miss our series of rapid fire questions that will give you a more personal view of whoChristopher really is, who inspires him the most, and various habits (good and bad) that has affected his life!

Please welcome Christopher Sutton to the show!

A brief overview of today’s episode:

  • What is Christopher’s background ? musically and professionally?
  • How does Musical U and Easy Ear Training help people shatter their beliefs on musicality?
  • What is “ear training” for musicians?
  • What would a typical ear training session be like for a beginner? For an advanced musician?
  • What techniques does Musical U use to ensure their clients achieve their goals?
  • What type of students does he typically work with?
  • What roadmaps does he use to help his students achieve their unique goals?
  • What tips could he give an amateur singer like me to improve my skills?
  • What stages can most singers be categorized in?
  • How does learning basic chord progression theory help a musician improve their overall performance and ability?

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Cynthia - September 2, 2016

Hi there,
Thanks so much for these emails “So great…”
love having you in my life helping me along my way to be a better singer….. thank you again
Love ya!

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