Episode 14 – Michaela Chung: How To Be A Charismatic Introvert

In a predominantly extroverted culture, Introvert Expert Michaela Chung has always felt “a little different” compared to her peers while growing up. Throughout her childhood and early adulthood, she has tried to be more extroverted, but found that, at the end of the day, it left her feeling emotionally exhausted.

While in college and taking a psychology course, she realized why putting herself “out there” seemed so hard, uncomfortable, and exhausting. She learned, after taking a personality test, that she was an introvert ? and that being an introvert was okay!

In 2013, she went on a mission to find her purpose in life. And, due to one experience while travelling, she discovered that her purpose was to help other introverts realize that being introverted was okay, help them understand their feelings about it, as well as help them claim their “alone time.”

Today, she explains in depth what it’s like being an introvert, how society and cultures tend to respond differently to introverted personalities, and what extroverts can do to help introverts “come out of their shell” enough to open up and get to know them. She also shares some amazing dating and relationship advice for introverts and extroverts that can help both personality traits communicate and connect better.

Please welcome Michaela Chung to the show!


A brief overview of today’s episode:

  • Michaela explains why it is important for introverts to take time to “recharge.”
  • She explains how an emotional breakdown while travelling has led her to find her purpose in life and build her business.
  • She explains how overstimulated social experiences can affect the creativity of an introverted person.
  • She shares her thoughts on whether being introverted is due to a person’s psychology, if it’s inherited, or if it’s caused by social upbringing.
  • She explains how an extroverted person can detect tell-tale signs that someone is an introvert.
  • She explains what she means by a “social introvert.”
  • Can you be shy and an extrovert?
  • She explains the introvert-extrovert personality spectrum.
  • Can your personality change across the spectrum over the course of your lifetime, or does it remain consistent?
  • She explains why she believes our culture glorifies being extroverted.
  • Studies have shown that introverts take longer to refocus after being distracted than extroverts.
  • She explains that introverts are always open to making friends and building relationships, but most of the time, they are not usually the ones to initiate the interaction.
  • She explains how introverts can show people that they are open to communication and socialization.
  • She shares dating and relationship advice for both introverts and extroverts.
  • She explains how she manages her energy and talks about her most memorable client success story.


“Going into a conversation halfway cuts off connections.” ? Michaela Chung


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