Episode 19 – John McIntyre – How He Found His Passion in Music And Devoted His Life to It

Are you one of those people that get excited about doing something new only to cast it aside? Have you ever gone somewhere and found pure joy just in being there? Have you seen ‘signs,’ but you didn’t know where they would lead you? John McIntyre realizes self-growth is essential to building your life and your business. He went from being a teenager with no goals for career success to a successful marketing and musical entrepreneur who has a definitive plan for his future.

In the past John never met a dream he could stick to, but he’s developed himself into someone who has focus and knows where he wants to be. Now he is someone who has a schedule and adheres to it so that he can make his vision come true. He learned to embrace ‘stick-to-itiveness’ to enhance his work life without worrying about what other people thought of his decisions.

On today’s episode, you’ll hear John’s riveting story of how he nurtured his talents as a music producer and DJ to create and grow his business. He’ll also enlighten us with his insights about grit, sacrifice and pain because success is never free of charge.

Please welcome Jmac to the show!

Music started with a dream and now I’ll see how far I’ll take it.


A brief overview of today’s episode:

  • Jmac tells us how Mark Cuban’s philosophy on life relates to his work and personal life.
  • He talks about his experience with life coaches and describes how he felt before and after his first session with one.
  • Jmac describes himself as a young man just on the scene and how his path changed.
  • What is the life of a digital nomad? Jmac talks the life and how to prosper as one.
  • What did Jmac ask himself before he made the decision to make music the focus of his life?
  • Jmac explains his version of grit, motivation, and clarity in relation to his life and work.
  • He shares a story describing his take on ‘deliberate practice’.
  • He shares how he maps out his formula for his career accomplishments to predict expected future success.
  • He travelled and cut costs by moving to a country that didn’t have high expenses, so he could focus more on his music without sacrificing too much with his music or making concessions.
  • He talks about what he’s doing now with his music and talks about his new track, music books, and marketing.

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Dan - December 26, 2016

Enjoyed this very much. I’d love to meet Jmac at some point. 🙂

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