Episode 21 – Troy – The Accidental Entrepreneur and His Success Story


This is a very special interview for me – with one of my favourite people in the world, who had a big impact on my life.

At age 35, Troy had been backpacking the world for 13 years, living in various countries and working odd jobs.

And yet, with no affinity for computers or the internet, he ended up starting an online SEO marketing agency. 10 years later, the agency is serving 70 clients a month, with 3 full time staff.

Even though the agency, its staff and clients are located in Melbourne, Troy recently relocated to the Sunshine coast – 2000km or so away. He still works on the business – around 1 hour or so a day – and the business is thriving more than every before.

What I enjoy about this interview is how atypical Troy is for an online marketer. He’s not motivated by money at all, he barely spends time on computers or the internet. And yet has managed to create a greatly successful business that runs without him.

We’ll talk about his story:

  • How he got his first SEO jobs
  • How he started his first business with a partner, and why that broke off
  • Hiring his first employee (me!) and what that taught him about running a business
  • How he bought a competitor SEO agency for an incredible price, and why his ability to create deep trusting friends is responsible for having gotten him that deal
  • Why he got burnt out in his business, almost sold it and how he eventually – and hilariously – backed out by sneaking out of the sales negotiations
  • Finally getting a business coach to put his business in order, get the processes working smoothly without him and removing himself from the business
  • What had to happen to allow him to move 2000km away from his business while it ran – better – without his physical presence
  • What his current roles in the business are
  • How he keeps his employees happy and motivated
  • And a lot more funny stories and anecdotes

Troy has genuine charm and a lovely, simple life philosophy. He truly makes everyone he spends time with a little better.

Enjoy this episode with Troy.

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