Episode 5 – David Kadavy: How To Ride Your Cycles of Productivity

Today on the show we have the very interesting David Kadavy. He’s an entrepreneur, best selling author of the book “Design for Hackers – reverse engineering beauty”. He was an advisor to productivity startup Timeful which was eventually sold to Google. he’s a public speaker, blogs online and his podcast “Love you work” has been featured in iTunes “New and Noteworthy”.

Since Mr Kadavy had such an interesting life so far, I decided to chat with him about quite a few different topics.

We talk about:

  • How being fired from his Silicon valley job sent him experimenting until he got his book deal.
  • How in order to write his book, David sat in front of his laptop for 12 hours a day to only write for 15 minutes. 
  • We discuss how the struggle of productivity and the insights that came out of writing his book eventually led to him being approached to advise timeful.
  • Why some days and some hours are better for specific types of work, how to work with your natural energy cycles, so you’re doing the right tasks at the right time.
  • Specifically, we’ll talk about how David organises different tasks for different days that work best with his own cycles, and other hacks he uses for productivity.
  • How Dave devoted his life to curiosity and exploration, and how he takes time to consciously think about issues and break things down.
  • His experiences from starting a podcast and how he goes about consistently getting high calibre guests on his show.

Dave has unconventional ideas about productivity and life and he is passionate to share them. I think everyone has something to take from this episode. I hope you enjoy my conversation with David Kadavy!

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Show notes

Where to find David

@kadavy on Twitter

Kadavy.net Blog

“Love your work” podcast on iTunes

Design For Hackers Website

David Kadavy Medium

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