Episode 7 – Tal Gur: Completing 100 Life Goals in 10 Years

Welcome to another episode of Unstagnate where we talk about unconventional, out of the box ideas about self development.

Today on the show we have Tal Gur. Tal is a very inspiring guy and he’s just about to complete 100 Life Goals list that he gave himself 10 years ago – he has only a handful left!

The goals are very diverse and pretty ambitious.

Some of them have to do with contribution and volunteering – he built a house for a family in Bolivia.

Some have to do with Sports – he completed a couple of marathons as well as an Ironman race.

Some have to do with business and financial stability, a lot of travel goals and so on…. 100 Goals in total!

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered:

  • What inspired Tal to create his list of 100 goals?
  • Is it possible to party for 60 nights in a row?
  • How Tal speaks fluent English thanks to his party marathon
  • The importance of financial freedom
  • How passive income opens your horizons
  • Taking on the Ironman challenge, and the sacrifices it needed
  • Why setting yourself tough goals can be incredibly inspiring
  • Teaching yourself good habits by making them into essentials
  • Using goals to find out who you are
  • How spirituality helps you achieve your ambitions
  • What to do when you’ve completed your goals list
  • Setting a theme for each year of your life
  • “People spend more time planning a birthday party than they do planning their own lives”
  • We all have innate skills; living is the way we find out what they are
  • How being on a journey can bring you a special kind of peace
  • Who should push themselves out of their comfort zone ? and who shouldn’t


Show notes

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