Episode 20 – Four Big Lessons I’ve Learned From Unstagnate Guests

Unlike previous episodes, this episode is NOT an interview. It’s also not me reading out an article that I wrote.

Instead, I had some bullet points but mostly, I riffed into the microphone about what I thought were the most important elements I’ve noticed recurring in Unstagnate guests.

If you’re curious the elements were:

1. Finding Yourself

2. Having a strong “Why”

3. Taking Action Outside of Your Comfort Zone

4. Generosity and Sharing


I was pretty excited and caffeinated when I recorded this. I thought it was just going to be an initial draft – but it came out pretty energetic and I ended up liking it. If I miss a word here or there, please be kind. I’ve tortured myself over getting this to be perfect enough, and ended up deciding to just go with an authentic, excited, energetic and value filled episode.

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