Episode 15 – Scott Brills: How to Live a Life of Travel and Adventure

Everyone says they want to travel the world, see new places, taste new foods, and experience new things, but most people consider this a pipedream – a thing they add to their bucket list but rarely ever set a clear plan to follow through. That’s not the case with today’s guest, Scott Brills. Scott is a traveling entrepreneur and philanthropist who has experienced more out of life and the world around him than most people ever dream about.

Just this year, Scott has traveled to 15 countries, visiting – on average – approximately 30 countries every year. His passion in life is finding the perfect balance and blend in combining the three things he loves – traveling, philanthropy, and building a successful business.

His journey started out at a young age when his interest in traveling the world grew from seeing pictures and hearing stories from others who have traveled to the other side of the world. In high school, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan and the experience only further solidified what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Today, Scott is the owner of Pamoja Safaris, an African wildlife safari & tourism company in Tanzania. In this episode, he shares many stories of his incredible journeys through various parts of the world including Israel, Japan, China, and Africa as well as what inspired him to create his current company.

Please welcome Scott Brills to the show!


A brief overview of today’s episode:

  • Scott explains what life experiences and stories he has heard that has inspired him to extensively travel the world.
  • He talks about his first business venture – a website design agency.
  • He explains what the Mongol Rally is and his experience while competing in the race.
  • He explains what makes him want to continue taking risks and seeking adventures.
  • He talks about cultural differences throughout the world and how experiencing life at the world-level has helped improve his social skills.
  • He shares why he felt he had to “fake it til he made it” when communicating with people in a language he didn’t understand.
  • He talks about how he approaches and meets new people in different areas, cities, and countries of the world.
  • He shares what he believes traveling extensively has taught him and why he believes most people – despite which country he’s in – are very similar to one another.
  • He explains why his number one piece of travel advice is to “meet the locals,” and why doing so can transform your traveling experience.
  • He talks about the Rickshaw race & charity rally and what it was like participating in the event.
  • He explains what inspired him to create his new business ? Pamoja Safaris and the challenges he faces.


Scott’s advice to those wanting to travel more extensively:

  • Realize there will always be excuses for you to not do it, or not do it right away.
  • Don’t do it without a plan. Just plan to do it.


Ways to Save Up to 75% on Travel Expenses:

  • Frequent flyer miles
  • Credit card flight rewards
  • Couch surfing


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