Episode 17 – Mars Dorian – How to Find your Authentic Voice and Regularly Create Great Art

Becoming a creative entrepreneur can be hard.

You may have this intense passion to draw, paint, write, or create beautiful pieces of art? but finding your niche, finding your voice, and finding the right clients can be a big challenge. My guest on the show today is Mars Dorian, creative brand specialist, consultant, and author of three Sci-Fi books.

Mars has an interesting story about his journey into finding his creative voice, capturing the audience he wanted to target, and building a successful creative business from virtually nothing.

It all started with a Wacom tablet ? a device that allows creative artists to draw and illustrate digital artwork directly onto the computer. On today’s episode, Mars shares his creative journey into entrepreneurship, how he discovered his true life mission, how he works with clients to develop creative branding services, as well as how he found his “voice” and incorporated it into his writing and his artwork.

Please welcome Mars Dorian to the show!

A brief overview of today’s episode:

  • How Mars Dorian’s blogging, creative nature, and being introduced to the Wacom tablet inspired him to launch his successful illustration and brand specialization business.
  • How he found his “voice” in the writing and art industry.
  • How he consults other creatives to find their unique style and voice.
  • Why he believes imitating role models within your industry can help you find your voice and improve your skills.
  • Why his motto this year is that “growth and comfort can co-exist.”
  • His creative process for writing and drawing.
  • How he incorporates authenticity into his writings and drawings.
  • Why he believes being authentic helps build deeper relationships with your clients and people around you.
  • How he created his personal brand and what the “Mars Dorian Dictionary” is.
  • Why he strongly believes that your output should differ from your input.
  • His daily habits and rituals.
  • What is the Pomodoro strategy?

“To find your purpose, your mission in life, you can’t just think about it. It comes from life experiences.” ? Mars Dorian


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